"Here's tae the King Sir, Ye ken wha I mean Sir.
And tae every honest man that would dare it again.

Here's tae the chieftains of a' the Hieland clans
They dare'd mair then once, and will dare it again!

When ye hear tae the pipes sound "Tootie tattie" tae the drum.
Then up your sword and doon your gun, and tae the rouges again."

(The Jacobite Toast)


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Thursday, 8 July 2010

FEED??? Ach, that's braw...!!!

Lads and Lassies...

Agora você pode assinar meu Feed via E-mail e receber as novidades por E-mail...Legal não é? Pois não perca mais tempo e assine...

Ah... Siga-me pelo Facebook e Twitter também...


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